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Physiotherapy #01


Physiotherapy provides a modern, evidence-based approach to the body to help with common musculoskeletal problems such as:

  • neck and back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • sports injuries
  • posture related pain
  • repetitive stain injury
  • whiplash injuries

  • Physiotherapy #02

    In the first session a thorough one hour assessment will look at the history of your problem, your work, sport and hobbies, and your medical background. Your movements, posture and limitations will be examined and this will require you to wear suitable clothing such as a vest or shorts, or to partially undress.

    Physiotherapy #03

    Based on this assessment I will then propose treatment which may include techniques such as:

  • electrotherapy (ultrasound)
  • joint mobilisation
  • taping
  • soft tissue massage
  • exercises for muscle balancing and strengthening
  • postural advice
  • acupuncture

  • Physiotherapy #04

    Sports injuries

    With my physiotherapy training I am also able to advise you on rehabilitation exercises for the management and prevention of sports injuries.

    Physiotherapy #05

    I have a hands on approach and my aim is to provide immediate relief from symptoms. Typically this may include massage, mobilisations and stretches. For your comfort I use a variable height treatment table at both my clinics.

    Physiotherapy #06

    Postural problems and workplace injuries

    I have a particular interest and expertise in the common postural problems that arise in modern daily life, particularly the neck, back and shoulder problems that arise from office work and driving. To help with these I may suggest exercises or postural aids aids to help you.

    The exercises, stretches, and posture techniques I use are based on my training in both shiatsu and physiotherapy. And I don’t just hand out exercise sheets, I will prove that the exercises or stretches can help and really show you how to do them to best effect.

    Many of these techniques are contained in my book ‘Mind Your Body’ which has now been republished. (Click here to find out more)

    Click here to email me to find out how physiotherapy can help you.

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